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The QIOX Journey Session

Today, we had an inspiring knowledge session with QIOX's Core Office team. We briefly looked into the history of our employees through personal presentations that showcased their life journeys up to the time they joined QIOX. It was a nice insight into the lives of our employees and CEOs, and it contributed significantly to the team spirit. 

Additionally, we had a great presentation on the QIOX journey. Where did QIOX start? What is the rationale behind the company, and what are the choices that have contributed to its growth to where it is today? We explored a timeline of processes, kiosk designs, and both awkward and funny situations. This was an enlightening session for newer employees who enjoy working with us but have not yet had the chance to learn about our history.

Sessions like this energize the team and provide a foundation and drive for what we work towards, what concerns us daily, and what our future plans are. It is amazing to see how much QIOX has grown since we first started. We hope to hold many more of these knowledge sessions on different topics in the future.

In a few years, we hope to give another great QIOX Journey presentation in which we look back on the past years with success. As a company, we have ambitious growth plans to continue offering innovative self-service products and services to everyone. 

Of course, we couldn't achieve any of this without the amazing team behind QIOX. Thanks to all our wonderful employees who take us one step closer to success every day! 🚀🏆

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