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Successful weeks for QIOX! 🌟

After the tremendous success at Internorga in Germany with cecon Computer Systems GmbH, Jamezz, and qnips GmbH, the QIOX team embarked on a journey to Paris alongside Smartendr, Jamezz, Gong cha Taiwan, and Smart Prospective to introduce our self-service kiosks to the vibrant French market. This week marks the installation of our first kiosks in Montpellier.

Following our travel in Paris, we ventured into a captivating roadshow with the Jamezz team in collaboration with Sligro Food Group... and the excitement continues.

This week we are on tour with Mpluskassa and New York Pizza, accompanied by the S4D team. Next week, we invite you to meet the QIOX family at the Customer Days in Amsterdam. In addition to our numerous installations, we're delighted to witness how, alongside our partners, we're inspiring catering entrepreneurs with kiosks proudly made in the Netherlands.

Stay tuned for more updates on our developments! 🌟

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