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Reliability and Innovation: Our Strength as a Dutch Producer of Self-Service Kiosks

As a Dutch producer of self-service kiosks, we are as strong as steel. Our customers can rely on us. It is fascinating how, through the collaboration of people and machines, we can bring about innovations with the help of smart POS partners. Although costs are rising and some people think we are crazy for manufacturing in the Netherlands, it turns out that in light of current global uncertainties, this is actually a wise choice.

Our customers show that costs are not always the decisive factor. Reliability, flexibility, and accessibility are much more important. Our competitors often try to convince our partners with their size and lower costs, but our channel partners repeatedly emphasize that service and quality come first, and price is the last consideration.

We are proud of our ability to deliver kiosks in all colors on demand, fully prepared with plug-and-play from our kiosk factory in the Brabant Brainport area. This underscores our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We can quickly respond to our customers' needs and maintain high standards by producing locally.

Let's continue building a future together where reliability, innovation, and quality are the main pillars. We thank our partners for their continued trust and look forward to many years of successful collaboration.

🔹 Flexibility and Accessibility: Our Dutch production enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to our customers' needs.

🔹 Reliability: We deliver high-quality kiosks that meet the highest standards, ensuring our customers can count on us.

🔹 Innovation with Smart POS Partners: Together, we bring new and innovative solutions to the market.

🔹 Service First: Our brand ambassadors partners appreciate our excellent service and the quality of our products.

🔹 Colorful Kiosks on Demand: We offer a wide range of color options and plug-and-play solutions from our factory in Brabant.

Together, we make a difference. 💪🇳🇱

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