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QIOX X CECON Partnership

Exciting News! 🌟 In Q4, we proudly announced our collaboration with the incredible team at Cecon, and it's been a phenomenal success! We've already set up 15 Ally's for the fastest-growing Burger Brand in Germany, Burgermeister, and our kiosks are now also enhancing the experience at the fantastic Korean BBQ brand, MMAAH. 🍔🥩

Looking ahead to this year, we're thrilled to continue our journey with Cecon and anticipate even more exciting projects on the horizon. 🤝✨ Our valued partner, Cecon, will be with QIOX & Jamezz at the upcoming INTERNORGA – Leading Trade Fair for the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry from March 8-12. Don't miss the chance to meet them and explore the innovative solutions we've been cooking up together! 🌐🍔 #QIOXCollaboration #CeconPartnership #InnovationInAction #INTERNORGA2024

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