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QIOX now at the Patatzaak Amsterdam!

The two sisters who own the wonderful Patatzaak Amsterdam snack bar were faced with problems being immensely busy in their popular establishment. The need for a user-friendly cash register system that could swiftly process orders and solve their queue problems became increasingly higher. It was time for the sisters to implement a QIOX ordering kiosk!

That's where Leza Kassasystemen, our dedicated channel partner, played a pivotal role in revolutionizing Patatzaak's ordering processes. Leveraging the power of our Mate 32" kiosk and MplusKASSA kiosk software, Patatzaak witnessed a significant transformation.

The result? Streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and most importantly, substantial cost savings on additional staff. With our innovative solution, Patatzaak met and exceeded customer expectations, ensuring quick and hassle-free ordering.

The sisters can now easily manage their successful snack bar with the help of their trusty QIOX MATE 32" order kiosk.

Discover the taste of success with our kiosk solutions—empowering businesses, one order at a time! 🚀💼 #BusinessTransformation #KioskInnovation #SuccessStory #TechMeetsTradition

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