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QIOX Leads the way! 🌐

Did you know that QIOX not only excels in cutting-edge self-service technology but can also provide wayfinding kiosks for large trade fairs? 🎉

Our journey began at Gastvrij Rotterdam in 2021. The overwhelming success propelled us to support even more professional fairs. Nowadays, QIOX proudly leads the way at renowned events such as BBB Maastricht, Horecava, Metstrade, the Negenmaanden Fair, and more events to come and show you the way! 🌟

Are you looking to elevate your hospitality or trade fair experience with QIOX wayfinding? We ensure that your visitors can locate any of your registered stands within seconds. Completely designed to match your fair's style, QIOX is here to make it happen. Connect with our dedicated sales department to explore the possibilities. 🌐✨

Let's make your next trade fair a memorable success together! 🚀

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