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QIOX EK Party 🇳🇱⚽🎉

Last Tuesday, we had a fantastic time celebrating the European Championship with our staff at QIOX. 🇳🇱⚽🎉

Although the Dutch soccer team didn't win the match, that didn’t dampen the spirits or the enjoyment of our party!

The evening began festively with Dutch hits performed by Singer Bas. 🎤🎶

The hall was vibrantly decorated in orange, and our employees were dressed in festive Holland outfits. As the match began, everyone was excited, and delicious snacks and drinks were served. 🍻

During halftime, Singer Bas energized us once again with his lively songs. After that, everyone enjoyed tasty snacks and fries from the food truck. 🍟🍔

After the game, we chatted about the match, sharing laughs and enjoying the food and drinks. Most importantly, despite the game’s outcome, everyone left with a sense of satisfaction. The event helped strengthen the camaraderie among our team.

A big thank you to everyone who attended; it was a wonderful evening!

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend from the QIOX team. ☀️

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