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Proud to Strengthen Partnerships and Embrace Innovation! ✨

We at QIOX are delighted to announce that qnips GmbH has introduced QIOX to their client Sodexo Germany for the launch of order kiosks at customer locations. This exciting development is supported by our German channel partner cecon Computer Systems GmbH.

Thanks to the cecon team, QIOX has already been embraced by strong Brands in the QSR hospitality market in Germany, and we are seeing beautiful new rollouts every week. With the addition of Sodexo to our portfolio, along with qnips and cecon, we are thrilled that quality, Dutch design, and production in Europe are finding their place.

The presentation took place in the heart of Berlin with the regional managers of Sodexo Germany and marks the start of a wonderful adventure with the Sodexo team. During this meeting, various topics were discussed, including the innovative use of our order kiosks in Sodexo customer locations.

We are incredibly proud of this collaboration and look forward to reaching new heights together with our partners and Sodexo Germany!

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