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Discover the Unknown at Doloris Utrecht: The Art of Self Check-In with QIOX solutions

The opening of Doloris Utrecht marks a new milestone in the world of entertainment and theater.

Located in the heart of the city, the Doloris Anoma Maze invites you to explore the unknown.

This fascinating maze experience, featuring more than 70 rooms, is nearly twice the size of its predecessor in Tilburg. It's a true crawl-through-climb-through adventure where curiosity is your guide. 🔮✨

The Art of Self Check-In with QIOX at Doloris Utrecht

QIOX plays a crucial role in this unique setting by introducing four advanced Mate XL self-check-in kiosks. Our QIOX self-check-in solutions are not just an addition; they embody QIOX and its partners' commitment to innovation and user-friendliness. When you arrive, you can easily register your online reservation. You scan your QR code, and an engaging film guides you through the program. Meanwhile, you can reserve your locker and arrange your food package. Finally, you receive your access pass in the form of a Doloris coin.

This entire experience is accompanied by the voice of Doloris and atmospheric music, making it an impressive digital experience before you enter the artistic maze.

A Unique and Personal Experience

Doloris Anoma Maze is more than just a maze; it is an artistic journey that stimulates all your senses and invites you to reveal the unexpected. Once you step inside, you leave the familiar behind and enter a completely new world, free from the distractions of phones and watches. This unique experience, where art and adventure come together, is truly special by Dutch standards.

Partnership and Collaboration

The successful implementation of the QIOX kiosks at Doloris Utrecht results from close collaboration with renowned partners., Scheeres BV, QX-Innovations , Full Join, and Mark Devlaeminck , Jasper Van Herpt have all contributed to creating a seamless visitor experience. This collaboration underscores the importance of partnerships in realizing innovative and unique projects like Doloris Anoma Maze. 🤝🏻

Visit Doloris Utrecht

Doloris Utrecht offers an unforgettable experience that you don't want to miss. Book your journey now and let this living film experience come to you. With QIOX self-check-in kiosks, your adventure is just a few taps away. Step inside, leave the familiar behind and discover a world full of surprises and art.

It is an honor for QIOX to be part of this unique project, and we look forward to welcoming visitors to the enchanting world of Doloris Anoma Maze. Discover the unknown and let your senses be stimulated by an experience that will stay with you for a long time. 🧿✨

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