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Bubble Tea Time! 🧋🌟

Fancy a nice bubble tea? Make sure to visit the great bubble tea phenomenon Gongcha! 🧋🌟

After a month of being online with our Friend 21.5" in the historical city of Colmar in France 🇫🇷, we are happy to see that customers are happily ordering their favorite bubble tea flavors in a fast and convenient way in collaboration with the great software of our channel partner, Smartendr.

Just as bubble tea is a raging popular trend, so is the upcoming wave of self-service kiosks that make the lives of entrepreneurs in the hospitality branch much easier.

With the ongoing problems of staff shortage, the kiosks from QIOX are sure to give your employees peace of mind so they can fully focus on their customers and provide the best service possible without getting overworked.

Relax, take a sip of bubble tea, and let our kiosks do the work! 👍🏼

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