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Meet our Premium BUDDY 21.5" collection


A revolutionary range of kiosks that redefines how individuals interact with information, services, and products. This exclusive collection is designed to elevate user experience by offering a new standard of sophistication and innovation.

21.5" BUDDY Counter

Say goodbye to lengthy queues and inefficiencies by implementing the BUDDY 21.5" Counter, which streamlines the customer service process and eliminates extensive wait times.

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21.5" BUDDY Pedestal
Freestanding, Fixed & Mobile

Its versatility and elegance make it perfect for a range of settings, be it the grandeur of a hotel lobby, a fast food restaurant, or a corporate office.

Available in a Freestanding, Fixed or Mobile model.

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21.5" BUDDY Wall

A perfect fusion of innovation and space-saving elegance, tailored to meet the unique needs of your hospitality or retail industry.

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BUDDY sfeer-line-up.png
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