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Meet our Premium MATE collection

Indulge yourself in the ultimate technological opulence. This premium collection epitomizes sophistication, elegance, luxury and state-of-the-art technology. The MATE 32" Collection boasts a lavish 32-inch high-resolution touchscreen, providing an immersive and engaging user experience. The LED displays on the sides of the kiosk complement the primary touchscreen, creating a visually stunning symphony that is sure to captivate and enhance any environment.

32" MATE

This exceptional kiosk sets the bar for premium self-service solutions, offering an unrivaled blend of opulence, functionality, and cutting-edge technology.

Available as a one-sided & double-sided model.

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32"  MATE Wall

Found adorning the walls of either high-end hotels, corporate headquarters, or popular restaurants, it is not simply a kiosk but a statement of innovation and luxury.

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32" MATE Cash

Designed to streamline operations, enhance guest engagement, and provide an all-encompassing solution for your hospitality needs.

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32" MATE Outdoor

Its adaptability to outdoor conditions sets it apart from other kiosks.


Equipped with an extra screen cover designed to endure rain and sun, the kiosk guarantees uninterrupted transactions, come rain or shine.

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