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Meet our Premium BUDDY 15.6" collection

A revolutionary range of kiosks that redefines how individuals interact with information, services, and products. This exclusive collection is designed to elevate user experience by offering a new standard of sophistication and innovation.

15.6" BUDDY Counter

Experience sophistication and functionality with the Premium BUDDY 15.6" Counter. Part of our exclusive Premium BUDDY Kiosk Collection, this refined countertop kiosk revolutionizes the way you interact with information and services.

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15.6" BUDDY Pedestal
Freestanding, Fixed & Mobile

Boasting an exquisite design this kiosk is perfect for enriching the guest or customer experience while minimizing long wait times and simplifying the order process.

Available in a Freestanding, Fixed or Mobile model.

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15.6" BUDDY Wall

The BUDDY 15.6" Wall Kiosk promises to enhance the customer experience, optimize space, and bolster your brand's commitment to excellence and efficiency.

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BUDDY-JR sfeer-line-up.png
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