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Entrepreneurs can apply for Rabobank's Business Financing in an innovative way: online, fast and easy. By partnering with Rabobank, we can help you do even better what you do best: business!

Funded in a flash.
Discover the benefits.


Quickly requested

Apply for financing online within 5 minutes. Once approved, often receive the money in your account or access to credit within 24 hours.

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No annual figures required

By making smart use of technology, we can make a good personalized offer based on your transaction data.


Clear offer

No small print or catches. So you know exactly where you stand when you take out financing from Rabobank.


Pledge not required

Because we provide financing based on your transaction details, there is no need to pledge company assets.


Always fee-free additional repayment

You may always make 100% fee-free additional installment payments.


Available to customers of almost any Dutch bank

The Business Loan is available to customers of almost all Dutch banks. The Business Loan will soon also be available to non-Rabo customers.

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How it works

Are you looking to invest in inventory, marketing, personnel or automating business processes? Or do you simply need extra financial space? Within 5 minutes you can make an application. During your application, you give us permission to share your transaction data from the past 12 months.

We will then immediately calculate your offer. You can adjust this offer yourself, for example by adjusting the term of the loan to a maximum of 5 years or opt for a revolving credit. Satisfied with the offer? Confirm your application. The money is often in your account within 24 hours after approval.

Choose the financing that's right for you.

Check your options and compare what best suits your needs. Our Customer Success Managers are here for you whenever you want to spar.

Business Loan without

annual figures

Prepare for a peak or take advantage of volume benefits.


Borrow an amount of up to €100,000 and get it in your account at once


Pay off a fixed amount per month


Duration is 1 to 5 years


You pay a fixed monthly interest rate for the entire term


Pay a fixed monthly interest rate between 4.5% and 14% annually over the entire term with a 0.5% surcharge

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Business credit without annual figures

Grab opportunities at different times of the year.


Be in the negative of up to €100,000 on your business account at Rabobank

Decide how much you want to withdraw or re-pay within your credit limit

We review your transaction data monthly and do an interim check after 6 months to see if the credit limit is still appropriate

The credit runs until revocation

You pay a variable monthly interest rate on the amount withdrawn with a 0.5% surcharge

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Note: Available only to Rabobank customers.


Calculate the cost of a Business Loan or Business Credit.

What amount do you want to borrow?


Choose your desired duration

24 months

Estimated cost per month

Fixed interest rate

4,5% - 14%

Interest cost (based on 4.5% interest rate)

€ 266

Fixed repayment

€ 2.958

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Applied in 5 steps

Step 1

Choose the purpose of your loan and then start your application. Find out quickly if you qualify for financing


Step 2

Give us some more information about your business and the amount you need. Then, using transaction data, show us the financial status of your business.

Step 3

See which Business Financing fits your business and receive your preliminary offer.

Step 5

After signing, depending on your choice, you will have access to the loan within 24 hours or the loan will be deposited directly into your account.

Step 4

We will perform some checks within 24 hours on business days. Then one of our Customer Success Managers will contact you to discuss further steps. If everything is in order, you will receive the final agreement for signature.

Invest in the growth of your business.

Rabobank's Business Loan and Business Credit are easy to apply for online without annual figures. That way, you as an entrepreneur can get back to work quickly!

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