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Hawaiian Pokebowl

Hawaiian Pokebowl establishments now boast the MATE 32" Food Order Kiosk, recognized for its modern design and simple-to-use interface. Upon entering the restaurant, patrons are presented with this user-friendly kiosk, providing access to an extensive range of poke bowl options. The high-resolution touchscreen allows for easy navigation of the menu, ingredient selection, and customization of orders, empowering customers to create their personalized poke bowl with ease.

In addition to its practical functionality, the MATE 32" Food Order Kiosk boasts a modern design that blends seamlessly into the restaurant's relaxed and tropical ambiance. The kiosk's contemporary aesthetics elevate the dining experience, offering patrons a more immersive and inviting atmosphere, capturing the essence of a Hawaiian paradise.

The collaboration between QIOX and Hawaiian Pokebowl underscores the restaurant's commitment to leveraging technology to augment the dining experience. In a time where diners prioritize freshness, personalization, and convenience, the MATE Kiosk is a prime example of the significance of ingenuity and patron-focused solutions within the realm of healthy and delectable cuisine.

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