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Simple. Efficient. Fast.


That's what we want at Bookzo. At Bookzo, we understand that every business is different and every landlord has different needs. We think it's important to have personal contact with our customers, we're there to advise and to think along with them.

We are constantly improving and simplifying processes to make renting even easier in the future. Our development department works closely with our support and sales team so that wishes are heard and can be transformed into user-friendly software.

Discover the possibilities and functionalities that our innovative
reservation system has to offer.


Through the planboard you can see very clearly what is booked, it provides an overview of arrivals and departures and the latest options.
The planboard has convenient search and filter functions. In the planning board you can easily make a new reservation or block. 

Reservations and payments


Save time by having reservation confirmations, payment confirmations or welcome mailings sent automatically. Easily customize the templates to your own house style. By using tasks and automatic mailing, you have almost nothing to worry about.



See your accommodations at a glance. As a host you can easily add accommodations yourself. Simply and quickly enter information, prices, photos and payment conditions for each accommodation.

Analysis and Reporting Capabilities

Our reservation system offers extensive analysis and reporting capabilities. These provide insight into important information about the guests, which can be used to improve results and increase sales. This way you are not behind the times but fully aware of what is going on within the company. The overviews are easy to export to Excel.


Thanks to the extensive integration possibilities within our reservation system, you always work efficiently. Keeping duplicate accounts or double entries are thus a thing of the past. We offer integrations to a wide range of software packages, including administration software, channel managers, and cash registers.

Online booking

Bookzo has developed a completely new online booking engine; Bookzo Elements. This is easy to integrate in existing and new websites (2 lines of code can be enough for a complete working booking engine) and is applicable in every website, with or without CMS. Because of the separate elements there is a lot of flexibility in terms of page structure and design.

My Environment Guests

The guest and owner environments have been merged into one environment. Guests and owners have multiple options in the environment that you can turn on or off with settings.

The new guest environment is configurable to your liking. For example, you choose whether guests can add payments or change their details through their environments. There is also an option through the guest environment to chat with the landlord.

My Environment Owners

The guest and owner environments have been merged into one environment. Guests and owners have multiple options in the environment that you can turn on or off with settings

The new owners environment is customizable. You determine what the owner can see and modify in their environment. Think of approving reservations and adjusting the characteristics of an accommodation.


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