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Clear table plan, communication with the kitchen, connection with your administration, staff planning. We can help you optimize every process in your business so you can be more engaged with the guest and your sales will increase.

Café / Club / Bar

With unTill® we have the solution for your café, club or bar. The direct selling possibilities increase the efficiency of your bar (keeper). And with tap automation you will get a higher return on your drink sales. On the one hand by saving on purchases, on the other by getting a grip on your outgoing beverage flow. Together, this can lead to an increase in efficiency of up to 25%!


Hotel guests use your restaurant or bar? Then you can very easily generate a link to your hotel package. Everything your guest consumes is booked directly in the room and the guest receives a total bill of his/her spending during his/her stay. This allows us to guarantee that all expenditures are registered and settled.


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