QIOX-CASH INTRODUCTION. Clean hands, scan, order, pay cash or pin, print and ready!



On average 40% of payments are in cash. How do you handle cash smartly and safely? The solution is QIOX-22L-CASH model with partner Cikam Easy Cash system integrated. The solution is customer friendly and works very simply; the customer scan or orders products, throws cash into the system and the system automatically returns change. The QIOX & Cikam kiosk solutions have the following advantages:



1. No more "open money
2. Safe in the safe
3. Don't count anymore
4. No more cash differences
5. Hygienic

Ordering column or kiosk who doesn't know them?! By now they are indispensable in fast food restaurants, museums, stadiums, cinemas etc. Statistically proven, they generate a considerably higher turnover. But cash settlement was not yet possible. That has now changed! Cikam's automatic cash register systems, where the customer can pay in cash, can now be linked to various QIOX order kiosks.


Higher turnover due to order column

An entrepreneur realises approximately 20% more turnover if an order is placed via an order column. Quite an impressive result! Apparently we as consumers are tempted to order something extra. An extra slice of tomato on the burger, a drink or a map for a guided tour. If we are allowed to choose, we are eager to make use of it, especially if we are given time to relax.


Cash and pin
Until recently, customers were only able to pin at an order kiosk. Of course, pinning is the most common thing on order kiosks; nice and fast and safe. However, offering the possibility to pay in cash, exchange money and possibly withdraw extra as a service is no longer out of the question. It must be possible to pay in cash! Cikam has now ensured that this is possible by linking the order kiosks to the Cikam Easy Cash automatic cash register systems. As a result, everyone can now make use of them. So also people who want to pay cash, something that still occurs nationwide in almost 40% of the cases. So why not at a kiosk?


Is it complicated? Certainly not. We'll take full control. We link our system to the cash register, connect smart software via one of our partners and have a state of the art kiosk put together that fits in exactly with the look and feel of the company.

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