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Quality & eXcellence by design.

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Technology and emotion collide

QX-Innovations is your digital communication partner, specialized in self-scan checkouts, ticketing systems, order applications, digital signage and wayfinding. We improve your business communication and customer experience for maximum efficiency, customer satisfaction and emotional impact. Discover our tailor-made strategies for optimal communication and customer loyalty.

Your own Corporate Identity

We deliver all our software completely in your own corporate identity. This way, it becomes one with your interior and the look you want. Recognizable for your customers!


Our apps can be put in multiple languages by the user. As a result, your foreign customers can also use the apps. All texts and products can be translated in the CMS. Easy!

Higher turnover, lower costs

On average, your customers spend up to 30% more when they order at a kiosk. They will order more products and more often opt for a more expensive variant. In addition, the kiosk is available 24/7 and is tireless. So you also save on personnel. Win win!

Customer experience

Our kiosks are real eye-catchers in your business. A traditional Dutch product, made of high-quality materials. Together with the app in your house style, the kiosk immediately catches the eye of your customers upon arrival. And they want to use it immediately. Guaranteed!


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The Netherlands

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