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Digitizing contract catering!

qnips is a cloud-based catering platform that assists contract caterers and food service providers in optimising and digitising their catering management. With qnips, you can automate pre-orders, payments, menu displays, digital signage, marketing content and more. You can utilise various interfaces for stock management, cash register systems or vending machines. Thanks to the white-label system, you can design your own app and web portal in a unique design.

Select & Go!


Say goodbye to long queues and hello to a streamlined dining experience – walk up, select, and go! Order terminals speed up the order placement process, reducing wait times and improving overall efficiency during peak periods. Employees can review and confirm their selections before submitting the order, increasing accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Streamlined process!


Guests receive all the important information they need at a glance, including allergens & additives for every dish on offer. The Kitchen Monitor is an additional feature for kitchen staff, supporting optimal order processing and ensuring guests are always updated on their order status.

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All insights in one place!


Our terminal software and dashboard provide valuable data insights into ordering trends, popular menu items and peak times. This data can help you optimise your menu offerings, inventory management and resource allocation, ultimately leading to better decision making.


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