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Redefining Hospitality Technology: Discover QIOX

Ever wondered what sets QIOX apart in the realm of hospitality technology? Let us share why we're more than just a manufacturer—we're innovators reshaping the industry.

The QIOX Advantage

When asked what sets QIOX apart, the answer is clear: We are the sole manufacturer in the Netherlands dedicated to crafting kiosks designed specifically for the hospitality sector. With rising transport costs from China and limited service options in Europe, QIOX emerges as a strong European brand offering local production and scalability, providing an alternative to the challenges of global manufacturing dynamics.

Local Production, Global Impact

At QIOX, we're proud to be a part of Europe's emerging technology landscape. Our commitment to local production ensures quality, flexibility, and a reduced carbon footprint—all while offering scalable solutions to businesses across the continent.

Defined by Innovation

QIOX embodies the ethos of putting ease of use and design first. Our kiosks range from 15-inch to an expansive 32-inch size, designed to elevate customer interactions in hospitality settings. QIOX aims to create intuitive, beautifully crafted solutions that exceed expectations.

Plan Your Visit

Curious to see how QIOX is transforming hospitality technology? Plan a visit to our factory with your team and experience our manufacturing process firsthand. Witness the innovation in action and discover why QIOX is the answer to your self-service kiosk needs.

Choose QIOX for Your Self-Service Solutions

If you're considering self-service kiosks, look no further than QIOX. Our solutions are not just products—they're innovations that enhance customer experiences and streamline operations.

Join us on the Journey

Explore the future of hospitality technology with QIOX. Connect with us to schedule your factory visit and discover why QIOX is your partner for transformative self-service solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates from QIOX as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in hospitality technology.

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