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QIOX at MMAAH München

Our installation team recently embarked on a journey to München, Germany, to enhance the dining experience at the popular Korean Barbeque Fastfood chain, MMAAH. 🇰🇷🍔

We are thrilled to announce the successful installation of two state-of-the-art MATE 32" self-service kiosks, part of our premium collection. Working in collaboration with our esteemed channel partners Cecon and Jamezz software, we've seamlessly integrated technology to elevate the ordering process at MMAAH.

These sleek and user-friendly kiosks are set to revolutionize the way customers interact with MMAAH, making ordering faster and easier. With our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge solutions, we're proud to contribute to MMAAH's commitment to delivering an exceptional dining experience.

A big shoutout to our dedicated installation team, as well as our fantastic partners Cecon and Jamezz software, for making this project a success! 🙌 QIOX is excited to continue creating seamless and efficient solutions for businesses worldwide. Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations and advancements in the world of self-service technology! 🌐

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