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Meet our FRIEND collection

Designed to foster engagement, facilitate communication, and enrich user experiences across diverse settings. Whether in retail outlets, hospitality establishments, public spaces, or other areas, these kiosks embody the spirit of togetherness, transforming how people interact with information and services.

21.5" FRIEND Counter

Experience an immersive and interactive way of accessing information with the cutting-edge FRIEND Counter. It's engineered to revolutionize customer engagement and service.

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21.5"  FRIEND Pedestal
Freestanding & Fixed

A beacon of modern interaction that stands tall in any environment, whether it's a corporate lobby, a museum, or a retail space.

Available in a Freestanding or Fixed model.

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21.5" FRIEND Wall

The FRIEND Wall Is designed to integrate seamlessly with any environment, ensuring efficient utilization of space while offering effortless access to information.

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21.5" & 19.5"  FRIEND Self-checkout

The Friend Self-checkout is the perfect in-store checkout solution.

Available in a Freestanding or Fixed model.

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